Surfing Rio Nexpa


A short 8 minutes drive from Nexpa Surf Hotel/Villa Tropical is the world class surfing beach of Rio Nexpa. It’s one of Mainland Mexico’s premier waves that can accommodate all levels of surfing ability. Rio Nexpa is a very consistent left hand point break which can often offer rides of up to 300 yards long with multiple take off spots. The beach has a relaxed vibe with several restaurants in front of the break where you can have a meal or put back a few Corona’s. Make sure to stop in and see Martin at MaryJane’s Restaurant for some great food, it’s a good vibe and 420 friendly!

If you like to surf rights, just a short walking distance away on the other side of Rio Nexpa is a cobble stone reef which often can be surfed with just you and your friends.

There are many other famous near-by surf spots on the coast of Michoacan such as La Ticla, Pascuales, La Saladita, The Ranch, etc. And if you are lucky, I may tell you of some other lesser known spots.


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Caleta de Campos, Playas De Michoacan, Mexico


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